Read about the restrictions and buffer-zones Cabot Corporation got in court.

December 2015

  • Vera presently in appeal process in Superior Court in Harrisburg, PA.
  • Presently under permanent injunction to stay 25 feet from Cabot Oil & Gas driveways, or park over 100 feet from their driveways, and stand 100 feet from their active gas sites.
  •  Vera completed 75 hours of community service for the ARD program.

Vera gives a gas tour of a dairy farm from the public road in her county.

a mother, a grandmother, and a woman with a camera.
​She has taken it upon herself to show the world what drilling and fracking is doing to the land and the people in her county, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. A powerful corporation has succeeded in obtaining an injunction against her that restricts her freedom of movement in the county in which she lives. Now unjustly accused of violating that injunction, a judge with a financial interest in the fracking industry has ruled against her. 

She needs legal support and funds to appeal her case and to get justice.

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Vera Scroggins

Vera being interviewed about her citizen gas tours.

Read about how the injunction questions the First Amendment. 

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Current Update:

Read about the $1000 fine that Vera was 

ordered to ​pay and has now appealed.

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A citizen gas tour guided by Vera, as told by

​Dr. Barnett.

71 Gus Park Lane, Brackney PA 18812 U.S.A 

Learn why Cabot oil & gas are trying to shut Vera down and intimidate any opposition. 

Read Guardian article on Vera's injunction

hearing with Cabot. 

Vera featured on RT News as 2014 "Heroes" for her anti-fracking activism.

Vera explains the outcome of latest charges after a court hearing on June 29, 2015.